Berlin have unveiled a memorial plaque to the starman which commemorates the time in which he lived in the city in the late 70's- its located at the apartment that Bowie and Iggy Pop shared during their stay.

Previously Germany had thanked Bowie for his contribution in bringing down the wall. In 87 he performed an open air concert on the western side of the wall. 

In German he said : "We send our best wishes to all our friends who are on the other side of the Wall." followed by Heroes. 

I can remember standing by the wall

And the guns shot above our heads and we kissed as though nothing could fall.

And the shame was on the other side

Oh we can beat them, for ever and ever

Then we could be Heroes, just for one day

Emotions ran high and riots ensued. Days later Ronald Reagan made his famous speech in Berlin saying Mr. Gorbachev, tear down this wall! Two year later it came down.

Bowie on the concert... 

"We kind of heard that a few of the East Berliners might actually get the chance to hear the thing, but we didnโ€™t realize in what numbers they would. And there were thousands on the other side that had come close to the wall. So it was like a double concert where the wall was the division. And we would hear them cheering and singing along from the other side. God, even now I get choked up. It was breaking my heart. Iโ€™d never done anything like that in my life, and I guess I never will again."

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