With our DEAD STARS OF ROCK N ROLL HALLOWEEN upon us we thought we would do a Nations Saving Grave of Alternative Rock roll blog post special and take a look at the ghostly grave of Jim Morrison.

Jim Morrison sadly joined the 27club on the 3rd of July 1971 at his home in Paris. His death in a bathtub was said to be caused by heart failure an accidental heroin overdose but due to no autopsy is disputed. He was buried in Père Lachaise Cemetery in the city. 

"THIS IS THE END" - Jim Morrison sadly joined the 27club on the 3rd of July 1971. His death was said to be caused by heart failure from an accidental heroin overdose (due no autopsy this is disputed) ironically taking place in his bath tub at his home in the city of love Paris. He was buried in Père Lachaise Cemetery in Paris. 

The site of Jim's burial has became a  tourist hotspot in Paris. In 1981 to commemorate the 10year anniversary of his death Croation sculptor Mladen Mikulin made a bust and gravestone (pictured above) with Jim Morrisons name for the grave. It along with the surrounding graves became defaced with graffiti and was eventually stolen in 88.

"COME ON BABY LIGHT MY FIRE"- On the 20th anniversary thousands showed up, riots broke out and at midnight the cemetery gates were set on fire.

            Original photograph                               Close up of ghostly figure

"BREAK ON THROUGH TO THE OTHER SIDE"  More recently in 1997 Brett Meisner a rock historian visited his grave and had his photo took. The photo remained unlooked at until 5 years later when upon viewing he discovered a ghostly figure in the background resembling Morrison. It spread quickly across the internet and Meisner decided the photograph for analysis- the result- was it a trick or treat, apparently there was no manipulation or even trickery of light the researchers say its unexplainable. On the photography Meisner declares

"Part of me wishes that I never stepped foot into the graveyard in the first place,”

“I’m partly to blame for talking about it in the first place. I should have kept it to myself.

“I’ve had strangers come to my home at all hours of the night wanting to talk to me saying they had messages from Jim.

“At first it was sort of interesting to see how many people felt a spiritual bond with Jim and the photo, but now the whole vibe seems negative.”

Meisner has now decided the unwanted attention is enough, he no longer wants the picture and is trying to find a private and reputable organisation to donate the photo and negative to.

                                       Patti Smith visiting Jim Morrisons grave.

 if you want to visit check trip advisor out for reviews and helpful tips.

A map to the location can be bought at the entrance of the cemetery and The Doors web site states this:

"There are diagrams of the cemetery at each of the many entrances. However, navigating through the Pere Lachaise can be confusing and frustration. The cemetery is quite remarkable. There are thousands of trees amongst thousands of elaborate tombs. Finding the grave of Jim Morrison is no small task so plan on spending at least a few hours strolling through the cemetery. Your best bet is to ask someone for directions. If you still can’t find Jim Morrison’s grave, ask someone else. The grave is one of the smaller ones although there are usually groups of people around the site. There is graffiti marked on surrounding graves and typically flowers along with candles or incense burning on top the grave."

To leave you wondering about the powers of Jim heres a photo of him performing a levitation act ;).

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